Our Impact

At SASA, we partner with Banks, MNO's and MFI's to design products that change the competitive landscape: decreasing churn and increasing revenues. Focusing on Africa, our team has delivered solutions ranging from unsecured lending products, through to investment and loyalty programs.

"Most Africans still do not have access to proper loans, insurance or savings facilities. Even the wealthy keep their money in cash and property; the poor rely on buying physical assets."

Economist, April 2016

Our Platform

SASA Connect is an extensible platform that allows rapid onboarding of third party products to enable mobile phone operators to entrench their positions as the customer centric hub of the financial ecosystem of the future. SASA facilitates engagement between all parties and ensures value is created NOW.

What We Do

About Us

SASA is a digital FinTech company - built to scale, with product management at our core.

We are an agile business, with an experienced team, dynamic technology and can work flexibly and rapidly with our partners to roll out compelling financial solutions.

We expect to make a difference, to impact the lives of the ultimate customers and to improve the effectiveness of our partners. We collaborate with Banks, MNO's, MFI's and the customer to deliver tailored customer centric solutions.

We are a proven team with all of the skills relevant to the execute our strategy. This includes: technology, customer acquisition, data and credit analytics, finance, treasury, relationship management and sales. We are a bold, motivated and balanced unit.