About SASA

SASA Finance Solutions is a digital FinTech company. We are a services plus company that focus on improving our partners’ digital readiness. We are an agile business, with an experienced team, dynamic technology and can work flexibly and rapidly with our partners to roll out compelling financial solutions

Our Platform: SASA CONNECT

Our platform, SASA CONNECT, is a modular microfinance platform that facilitates impactful lending products. We focus on customer experience and product design and help build digital product maturity over time. We employ a considered "tech & touch" approach, and we ensure risk management procedures and internal controls are at the forefront.

The SASA CONNECT console includes; real time visualisations, accounting & product processes, funding & treasury systems, USSD mockup & editing screens, data import pipelines and tools.


SASAgri, our agricultural supply chain finance module with SASA CONNECT manages USSD and APP based supply chain and payment management systems. The solution allows for better insights into the ecosystem, through the capturing of farmer information and transaction data. Key touch points within the product journey include:


Village Community Banks (VICOBA), allow individuals to borrow from their peers. The e-VICOBA module within SASA CONNECT allows for the digitisation of community based processes. It provides tools which have the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these groups.

The CONNECT platform also allows for effective product management and transparency, including:

Medical Loans

Partnering with clinics, SASA uses the CONNECT platform to provide medical loans to patients who have saved enough cash for the consultation but not for follow ups or medication. SASA fills this gap by allowing patients to apply for medical loans. If the patient qualifies, the patient applies for a loan through SASA's USSD journey. The roadmap is to develop this product and take customers upstream and develop their financial identity.


SASA offers digital expertise and technological capabilities to our partners to help them transition their business, access new markets, enrich customer relationships and remain relevant in a fast changing financial environment.

Banks and MFIs

SASA helps bridge the technology gap between the vision of being a fully-integrated digital lender and the realities of their current capabilities.

NGOs and development organisations looking for digital solutions

SASA enables offering better products to underserved clients in faster, more cost-efficient, and engaging ways.

Technology partners seeking
product range

SASA leverages data, collaborates with market participants, and designs innovative products that evolve and are able to be distributed at scale, with low cost.

"A new category of digital lenders has emerged that tap into increasingly digitised and accessible customer data, advances in analytics and machine learning, and lower-cost digital channels to design and remotely deliver digital products in seconds to an increasingly connected global clientele."

Action: Demystifying Digital Lending